Sean MacAvaney

I'm a Computer Science PhD student at Georgetown University. I am a member of the IR Lab where I work on information retrieval, information extraction, and computational linguistics. Check out what I'm up to now!


2018-04-11 – I'll be presenting my work at SIGIR 2018 and NAACL 2018

2018-03-08 – I'll be interning at Adobe Research this summer

2017-11-15 – Our Conextualized PACRR model performed the best at TREC CAR 2017

2017-10-27 – I was awarded best poster (2nd place) at the 2017 ICBI Symposium


PhD Computer Science
2016 – present
B.S. Software Engineering
2012 – 2016


Research Assistant
2016 – present
Research Intern
Summer 2017
Software Developer
2009 – 2017



Arman Cohan, Bart Desmet, Andrew Yates, Luca Soldaini, Sean MacAvaney and Nazli Goharian. "SMHD: a Large-Scale Resource for Exploring Online Language Usage for Multiple Mental Health Conditions." COLING 2018 (to appear). (long)

Sean MacAvaney, Bart Desmet, Arman Cohan, Luca Soldaini, Andrew Yates, Ayah Zirikly and Nazli Goharian. "RSDD-Time: Temporal Annotation of Self-Reported Mental Health Diagnoses." CLPsych 2018 (at NAACL) (to appear). (workshop)

Sean MacAvaney, Andrew Yates, Arman Cohan, Luca Soldaini, Kai Hui, Nazli Goharian and Ophir Frieder. "Characterizing Question Facets for Complex Answer Retrieval." SIGIR 2018 (to appear). pdf (short paper)

Sean MacAvaney, Luca Soldaini, Arman Cohan, and Nazli Goharian. "Tree-LSTMs for Scientific Relation Classification." SemEval 2018 (at NAACL) (to appear). pdf (workshop)

Sean MacAvaney and Amir Zeldes. "A Deeper Look into Dependency-Based Word Embeddings." NAACL SRW 2018 (to appear). pdf (workshop)


Sean MacAvaney, Andrew Yates, and Kai Hui. "Contextualized PACRR for Complex Answer Retrieval." TREC 2017. pdf (non-refereed)

Sean MacAvaney, Kai Hui, and Andrew Yates. "An Approach for Weakly-Supervised Deep Information Retrieval." NeuIR 2017 (at SIGIR). pdf (workshop)

Sean MacAvaney, Arman Cohan, and Nazli Goharian. "A Framework for Cross-Domain Clinical Temporal Information Extraction." SemEval 2017. pdf (workshop)


Sean MacAvaney, and Jay Urbain. "Automatic Recognition of Postoperative Shoulder Surgery Physical Therapy Exercises from Depth Camera Images." NCUR 2015. pdf (non-refereed)



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